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The CENTAURI System is designed to fit today's workflow.



Filling Out a Medical Form


Predictable, transmural, and circumferential lesions

Taking Samples


Simple to attain and confirm contact of single electrode

Doctor Using Digital Tablet


Non-thermal mechanism of action

Doctor and Patient



Connects to multiple focal points in any configuration

Key Facts About PEF

White Feather


Add more details on traditional waveforms here

Showers of microbubbles
in the left heart


Bubbles in the heart and the brain are never good. The proprietary WAVE1 waveform produced by the CENTAURI PEF System has largely eliminated
this concern.

Bubbles Are Not a Concern

Non-contact: Contact or extreme proximity is required since blood is a highly conductive current shunt. Electrons follow a path of least resistance, even with PEF.  A specific force range probably matters less for PEF than RF. 

Monopolar is unacceptable due to muscle contraction: The Gala Therapeutics and Galaxy Medical clinical data strongly suggest otherwise. By understanding the biology and biophysics, contraction effects can be mitigated.

Image by Sumner Mahaffey
Galaxy's Wave1 Waveform &
Heat Signatures

PEF delivers tens of amps through a resistive tissue load. Heating cannot be avoided; control is the key.

Our testing has shown a very low heat signature using our proprietary WAVE1 waveform and dosing scheme.

non-homogeneous tissue.JPG

Proximity & Tissue Planes

Provide “Selectivity”

It appears that a combination of electrode proximity, tissue plane effects, and related E-field discontinuities may cause what appears to be tissue selectivity.

PEF energy utilizes high voltage, high frequency pulses to ablate tissue

  • Induces cellular apoptosis more than necrosis, yielding gentle cell death

  • Can be non-thermal, but waveform parameters and dose are critical

  • Extremely sensitive to tissue planes

PEF makes focal ablation better

  • Safer than RF because of the non-thermal mechanism of action & sensitivity of the energy to tissue boundaries

  • Increased safety profile will give greater confidence to deliver transmural lesions, improving efficacy

  • Focal lesions are deep, wide, and consistent

  • Faster than standard RF

  • Contact is critical to enable predictable lesions

PEF is Well Suited For Focal Ablation